Paula Abdul on X-Factor

The show started out well enough. From an adorable 13-year-old to a 42-year-old single mom to a talented rapper only 70 days out of rehab, “The X Factor” had more tear-jerker moments than a Lifetime movie. The first hour of the show, at the L.A. auditions, introduced the judging panel: Cowell, his flirting-and-fighting partner Paula Abdul, record executive L.A. Reid and British pop star Cheryl Cole.

Paula Abdul on X-Factor

More unanimous yesses, follow, including for hunky 36-year-old Terrell Carter and 14-year-old teen heartthrob John Lindahl. But would Simon Cowell really create his own show without giving us a few people to make fun of? Take 30-year-old hotel performer Siameze Floyd, who wants to be a megastar.

Paula Abdul on X-Factor

We guess L.A. was saving his applause for Stacy Francis, a pretty 42-year-old single mom who’s faced some tough times. On the heels of Paula's storm-off in Seattle, Marcus Canty was a little more family-friendly than Geo Godley. L.A. and Simon make Chris promise to stay straight, and there isn’t a dry eye in the house.

Paula Abdul judge  X-Factor

X-Factor judge Paula Abdul leaves the set and throws up in the men’s restroom, after leaving the set during a contestant’s nude performance. Wednesday on the premiere of X-Factor, wannabe singer Geo Godley gave an extremely odd performance, that will be remembered in the television show world for a long, long time. Godley was dressed in a large shining silver jacket and silver baggy pants. The show horrified the two ladies in the jury – singers Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger. Simon Cowell was horrified and L.A. Reid was speechless.

Backstage, Paula Abdul was given some water to freshen up. Simon was the first one who gave a feedback to the contestant. X Factor‘ kicked off its first season last night and now judge Paula Abdul is opening up about the transition to the new singing competition series, and what it’s like to be reunited with Simon Cowell.

Abdul says she stayed in touch with Cowell post-’Idol,’ when she took time off to travel and conceptualize her own “dance show.” Then, of course, the producer approached the 49-year-old about ‘X Factor,’ an offer she couldn’t refuse.

“I get a kick out of seeing Simon happy.