Diabetes accident?

Is the sudden stress may lead to an outbreak diabetes?

Studies show that stress - stress and tension from anxiety states, may well, over the years, lead to the development of diabetes. Experts suggest finding ways to relax the tension a way of life is to maintain good health and avoid various comorbidities, including diabetes.

diabetes stress

Stress and anxiety cause the body to release stress hormones, the aim is to release glucose into cells as they hit the activity of insulin. Dependent diabetes, among others, genetic factors or lifestyle stress accumulates and can cause sudden latent diabetes (condition in which blood glucose values ​​are still within normal range, but I already have a diabetic process development of the body) become active diabetes.

The Court also labor law recognizes this premise, and even gave her verdict weight. Israel Diabetes Association issued in 2004 can be a precedent-setting ruling, which was recognized diabetes as a result of extreme stress situation caused by the employee. The court found that the short time between the extreme event, diagnosis of diabetes with the prosecutor, could well indicate a connection between incident diabetes and therefore, the disease was recognized as a result of the circumstances of the work.

Prof. Yehuda Schoenfeld appointed forensic expert wrote: "On occasion, in September 1993, Eve (the prosecutor) event threatening his life and his family. In a few days after the incident and due to feeling bad, Lucas was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes."

One of the ways familiar to cope with stress situations and reduce the impact of stress hormones is aerobic exercise. People living under much pressure will be wise to turn themselves while vigorous activity such as brisk walking, dancing or sports that require Cardio, to prevent the development of diabetes. For those who already had diabetes, contact your doctor or a qualified fitness consultant familiar with the topic of diabetes and for guidance on the subject, in order to match the type of training and intense than the specific situation of each patient.