Sports and diabetes

The correct combination of exercise, pharmaceutical education and ideal diet is the key for the correct and smooth operation Sugary Diabetes.

The profits of exercise in the regulation of diabetes are henceforth proven with a lot of studies. The frequent exercise helps in the regulation of blood sugar increasing the sensitivity of insulin, decreasing the bodily grease and maintaining the bodily weight in regularly level.

Moreover the systematic exercise helps:

• In the increase of muscular mass and muscular force
• In the increase of bone mass
• The control of arterial pressure
• In his reduction stresses and the stress
• In the aid of self-confidence
Athlete with sugary diabetes of type 1 that is practised [chronia] and systematically can decrease the doses of insulin that they receive.


Objective of completed program of gymnastics, is training of all muscular teams of body, the correct oxygenation initiating, the evasion of wounds and the mental pleasure and well-being.
We begin always with warm-up at least 5 thin in order to we prepare the muscles for the exercises that will follow.
The warm up includes relaxed marching - run, movements of hands and trunke and enlargement so as to goes up the temperature of body in order to follow the exercises enlargement (stretches).
The enlargements (stretches) constituting basic piece of exercising. They soften the articulations, regulating the flow of blood to the muscles and protecting us from by any chance wounds.
Also the enlargements increase the breadth of movement, so as to can the articulations accept the tax of exercises. Finally they are very important while they decrease the twitch initiating that you cause from the intensity of exercise and the bodily and psychological stress.
Warm up therefore also enlargement for the beginning of program 5-10 thinly is ideal time in order to we bring the body in the correct place before the basic gymnastics.
The enlargements will be supposed to become simultaneously with deep inhalations and expiries so as to we provide a lot of oxygen in the muscles. It will be supposed they become until the point that felt soft pull and we remain there for certain seconds (15-30) working rightly with our breathings. The flow of exercises will become to a direction (I begin from on part to under or reverse). Each exercise will be supposed to become from 2-3 times
In the end (full recovery) each training unit the enlargements should be repeated so as to come back the muscles in their initial situation.
The intensification initiating becomes with a lot of ways, and it aims at as to strengthen the muscular mass and to stimulate the articulations. Thus increases itself the force of body.
The tools for the intensification of body can be small [barakia], rubbers with various resistances but also exercises with the weight of our body (push-ups), deep seats, support of body in wall or even in the fingers of our legs.
We select a number of exercises that concerns the points that we want to strengthen. Eg [tetrakefalos], abdominal country, back.
We begin late also with small resistances (few of [barakia] his one kilo depending on the level of natural situation where we have).
The tax will be progressive and the repetitions will be supposed they reach the 10 - 12 comfortably and without labour. Each exercise will become for 3 times and the resistance will be increased progressively. The program with resistances will be supposed become for 3-4 weeks possessed so as to we have results in the increase of muscular force.
The aerobic exercise is the recipe for the correct increase of tolerance and simultaneously the intensification of heart and lungs.
The intensity of aerobic exercise is correct it becomes progressively.
Always it should we hear our body and we understand when we were tired.
When they go up her vibrations heart, but nevertheless we can speak regularly without we are out of breath then we are in I drank exercise. If we breathe with difficulty and the beats of heart are increased to us continuously, obviously make very intense exercise.


• AEROBIC EXERCISE: 3-5 trainings for 40-60 thinly:
• Run, swimming, cycling, sports (basket, volleyball, football, handball, [ydatosfairisi])
• DYNAMIC EXERCISES: 1-2 trainings the week, with progressive tax.
Each training will be supposed to have correct structure:
• Warm-up: 10 thinly
• Mainly training: 30 - 40 thinly
• Re-establishment: 10 thinly.
The all training programs should be drawn and executed with the supervision of Professor of Natural Education, which it will be supposed a he is aware for the situation of health each [athloymenoy].

Because the insulin you absorb more easily from muscle that participates in the exercise, good it will be before the exercise becomes the insulin in points of body that are not practised intensely. As an example, in cycling we prefer on part of body while the down part of body it is overloaded more.