Vladimirtsev check for diabetes free and anonymous

Incidence of diabetes in Russia, and throughout the world, is growing rapidly. Over the past 20 years, the number of people with this diagnosis has increased almost tenfold in Russia today, almost three million registered patients. But even this enormous figure is likely far from the truth. It is believed that one of the identified patient, there are three or four people who do not know about their disease.

- Talking about the real picture of the incidence of doctor can not - said at a news conference on Wednesday, Director of the Department of Health Vladimir Bezrukov. - We just do not know how many patients we have.

Diabetes - a disease only tricky. She appears and develops without any symptoms, you have no pain. Well, get tired a little faster than usual - and who are not tired? Detect the disease can only be a special analysis, and launched diabetes gives serious complications - kidney failure, heart attack, blindness, circulatory disorders of the extremities, gangrene and amputation is fraught with ...

And at the same time, if diabetes is detected in time - the patient can live with it for decades without feeling much discomfort and not having any problems. It's not even cancer, which is seen even at an early stage, still requires surgery. Treatment of diabetes involves taking drugs (and now available to modern, with a minimum of side effects) and diet. And yet, the people, even members of the "risk" of diabetes, doctors do not come in time.

In order to somehow solve this problem, in the Vladimir region from 19 to 23 September will be an anonymous mass screening. Doctors call this method "screening" - when it is a simple snapshot of the largest possible number of people, not to diagnose, but to find those who have problems and send a detailed examination.

In the Vladimir region comes a special set of rapid diagnostics, located in the back of a huge heavy trucks. There is laboratory and will house doctors giving advice. Everyone can come to this mobile set and a test for blood sugar. The analysis is taken from the finger and the blood immediately tested for blood glucose meter, the whole procedure takes less than five minutes, it is less painful than an ordinary blood sample from a finger. No documents - no passports, no policy OMS - no need to bring, free and anonymous survey, it is only necessary to call your age.

Each patient will be given a form immediately with the results of the analysis, and the doctor will explain what is meant by the numbers - whether a normal blood sugar, or it is increased. In the latter case it is necessary to go to a clinic and get tested for the full program. In principle, high blood sugar does not necessarily mean that you have diabetes - blood sugar varies depending on time of day, from eating and drinking the day before, the mood ... According to such surveys in other cities, the high sugar content meter shows one in ten. But check if the analysis is bad, it is necessary.

The main thing that doctors expect - that, after receiving a bad test result, people do not throw paper into the trash and go to the hospital, examined, treated and will extend their active and full life. Incidentally, this analysis shows not only the already developed diabetes, but with some accuracy, the risk of its occurrence, and this makes it possible to prevent the disease by simply following the diet.


Where will operate a mobile facility diagnosis of diabetes

September 19 - Moore Square 1100th anniversary of the city;

September 20 - Gus-Crystal, on the central square;

September 21 - Carpet, st. Furmanov, 33;

September 22 - Vladimir, across from Central Park;

September 23 - Alexandrov, in the Soviet area.

The center will operate from 9.00 to 15.00, but if it's time for all patients examined did not have time, working hours may be extended.

On analysis it is desirable to come on an empty stomach and in the morning - then these would be most correct. But if this is impossible - you can go through the analysis and after breakfast, just then the results should be more carefully rechecked.

Restrictions on age and health status in this analysis does not. Incidentally, the same survey in Vladimir, you can go to the Health Center, which is based on clinics' Avtopribor "and" Tochmash ".


Who is important to be screened

At risk for diabetes include people who have two or more of the signs:

hereditary tendency - one or several relatives have diabetes;

overweight, particularly if body fat is concentrated in the abdomen, waist and hips;

sedentary lifestyle - less muscular activity, the worse it splits the glucose in the blood, the risk increases with malnutrition;

age - often ill with diabetes aged 40-45 years, but more and more cases of diabetes and aged 20-30 years, and even in children.

The symptoms that you may have diabetes, are constant thirst and frequent urination. In addition, the cheerleaders have: fatigue, severe loss or weight gain, blurred vision, slow healing wounds and frequent infections, numbness in hands and feet.