Upset stomach, diabetes and psychiatric disorders in critically ill

Due to different patterns of disease in severely ill psychiatric patients (EPZ) are general treatment guidelines may not be applicable. This concludes Evert Jan Mookhoek from his doctoral research.

Mookhoek thesis describes new knowledge of physical complications in patients EPZ, such as upset stomach, diabetes and skin disorders.
Upset stomach

Over 50 percent of the EPZ patients have moderate to severe gastrointestinal symptoms, according to the study. 80 percent of stomach complaints heartburn. More than a third of patients using this medication daily.

Mookhoek also an association between gastrointestinal symptoms and clozapine, laxatives and smoking. Furthermore, he describes a drug interaction between clozapine and omeprazole.

Diabetes affects 15 percent of the patients, and in latent form in a further 14 percent. Places further Mookhoek a direct link between diabetes and obesity, plus an indirect relationship with psychiatric medication.
Skin Conditions

About 70 percent of the EPZ patients suffering from skin complaints. 77 percent have skin lesions. Mookhoek found in 37 percent of patients with skin lesions have not complained.

EPZ-diabetic patients have a tenfold increased risk of skin infections. There appears to be a correlation between pressure ulcers and addiction. Eczema appears related to depression. The recording time shows no effect on having skin conditions.