Link between obesity and diabetes

The terms 'obesity' and 'diabetes' are all too often in the same sense. This is not surprising, because both diseases are very often go hand in hand. Below the information regarding (the relationship between) obesity and diabetes ...
What is diabetes?

Diabetes is an incurable metabolic disorder where the body can store enough energy from sugars. Normally, most body cells to absorb sugar, namely in the form of glucose. This is only possible if enough of the hormone insulin in the cell and the insulin receptors of the cell, are functioning.

In case of Type 1 diabetes is not enough insulin is produced. In cases of type 2 diabetes, insulin receptors function poorly. The form of diabetes that is often caused by obesity is diabetes type 2. This form of diabetes is called diabetes, or "sugar".
Symptoms of diabetes

Both types of diabetes, ensure that there is not enough glucose in your body cells. This keeps the sugars that you eat most of your blood. This leads to an elevated blood sugar or hyperglycemia. Diabetes and hyperglycemia have many adverse health effects, including:
Acidification of tissues and organs
Fatigue and sleepiness
Nausea and vomiting
Polyuria (excessive urination)
Polydipsia (thirsty)
Polyphagia (hungry)
Dry mouth and tongue
Decline of eyes
Impaired wound healing
Cardiovascular disease and

At extremely high blood sugar, even a ketoacidosis coma occur, possibly to death!
Link between diabetes and obesity

Obesity means that you're so heavy that your health suffers (BMI> 30). Obesity is therefore sometimes called obese or obese. Obesity is a major cause of type 2 diabetes are overweight because the production and action of the hormone insulin disrupts.

A disturbed insulin metabolism in turn causes vasoconstriction, increased blood pressure, decreased circulation and heart and vascular disease. All these health problems also reinforce each other. Once you are overweight and / or type 2 diabetes, the risk of overall poor health so huge!