Bulgur rice lamb shank

Bulgur rice lamb
-Yarımsu cup olive oil
-1 piece onion
-1 piece
-1 Liter hot water

Rice noodles for:

-3 Tablespoons butter
-1 Cup bulgur pilaf
-2pcs tomato
-4pcs dolmalıkbiber
Bulgur rice lamb
Preparation: take olive oil in a pan of meat, edible add chopped onions and carrots and cook together. Stir in water 1 hour and 15 minutes off the cover, and cook over medium heat. Melt the butter in a frying pan and cook until pink on the other side of noodles and cook 1 hour and 15 minutes, add the meat. Then, coarse chopped tomatoes and peppers in a pot and add 4 split. Add salt and cook until softened bulgur pilaf. Waiting for 20 minutes and serve. Ikramedin berabermisafirlerinize meat.
Bulgur rice lamb
Old traditions in Anatolia

"Arife days always lived in big cities ... But a flurry of Anatolia,''says 76 year old daughter takes on a different vigil on the eve of the day I remembered Aunt Emine.
Bulgur rice lamb
We met during a trip to Sivas. İstanbul'da15seneyaşamış, sonramemleketine returned to Sivas. We had a very pleasant, but my mind bayramsohbetleri the eve of the excitement of the days they live up to the frenzy anlatırkenki: Foreign threshold until the internal threshold temizlerdik homes ...
Bulgur rice lamb
Emine Aunt told Anatolia başlarmış feast day of preparations for cheers, not eve. Materials are taken, the day before the eve of food production begins, yetiştirilirmiş festival. Does not change at the beginning of a meal of soup and wrap gelirmiş festival in Sivas.

Even though every table to eat-wrapping bayramgünü Jove .- Meanwhile, the succulent flesh of the victim together with neighbors sarılırmış sarmaları leaf.

I also had a very nice tradition, but it is now forgotten. Children on the previous day "memmecim his traveling" gelenek.Oklavalara call the landlord who wore a small bagel "gılik''i must not forget. The homemade bagels sold in the market, the money in the doors of people who did not çalınırmış rolling pin. I understand the children in Anatolia money, candy and handkerchief to collect the day vigil started.

Great cities are made on the day of the family, which is climbed bayramalışverişleri eve. These exchanges so as to obtain more üstbaş children thrown into a beautiful, actually. When we were little my mother planted one in our clothes. My brother always kıskanırdı me, because the advantage of being the only girl who used to live on holidays too. Wear tinsel erected to me, naturally I want to confess something sizebir tabii.Ama kıskanırdı boys of the house, I've been jealous of the men on eve bayramve grows. If you ask why I would do business at home, the kitchen, they constantly go on trips abroad, oynarlardı ...

Behold there is a saying, "El öpenleriniz get a lot of" ... he'll be on holidays too. I hope that this feast would not be missing a hand öpenleriniz. Happy holidays to all of you already. Peaceful, happy and beautiful bayramolsun safely.

Enjoy the meal, honey, sugar get.

Hand öpenleriniz get a lot of ...