Karen Kraushaar at Herman Cain press conference after Sharon Bialek

Karen Kraushaar filed a se*ual harassment complaint against Herman Cain in 1999. (Photo Reuters)
Karen Kraushaar at Herman Cain press conference after Sharon Bialek
After Sharon Bialek, it's time for Karen Kraushaar out of anonymity and accuse Herman Cain of se*ual harassment. Kraushaar, who is now spokesman for the Treasury Department, gave an interview to The New York Times after the newspaper online Rupert Murdoch, Daily, had revealed his identity earlier in the day.
Karen Kraushaar crowded at Herman Cain press conference
Kraushaar had received $ 45 000 of the National Restaurant Association in 1999 after filing a complaint against Cain, who was then president of that organization. She did not elaborate on the nature of the charges against the businessman. However, she said juggling the idea of ​​holding a press conference with all the other three accused of the candidate.
sweated at Herman Cain press conference
In the meantime, I quote in the text one of his statements to the Times:

"When you are being harassed in the workplace Se*ually, you are Extremely vulnerable. You do whatever You Can Quickly to Get Yourself Into a job some place safe, and That Is What I Thought I Had Achieved When I left. "

This statement was published on the website of the Times shortly before the press conference of Cain, who continues to deny all the charges against him.