"Twilight - Chapter 4" the worst "revelation" of the saga ...

Three years it lasts ... Three years and millions of fans captivated prancing with impatience before the release of each adaptation of "Twilight". Three years and millions of dismayed parents try to escape the ordeal of a projection of the saga. And inevitably, each new year brings a new aspect of the fascinating adventures of Edward and Bella: this time, "Twilight - Chapter 4: Revelation - Part 1" lasts 117 minutes and wins the prize hands down the worst episode of the saga to date ...
Twilight vampire babies
For all those many, it is hoped that do not follow the previous episodes, the beautiful Isabella Swan (Kirsten Stewart) meets the handsome Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) in high school. She is fascinated. He is bewitched. They are looking for. They are fleeing. They are. They fall madly in love. But there is one problem: Edward is a vampire ... End of Chapter 1 entitled "Fascination".
Twilight vampire babies
The first part, a sort of "teen movie" fantastic, has a freshness, as by his script by his direction and his actors youthful charm. Worn by fans of the novel, this adaptation is experiencing a worldwide success and marks the beginning of the franchise "Twilight" on the big screen.
Twilight vampire babies
Chapter 2, "Temptation", the chivalrous Edward leaves his beloved: he is afraid of hurting her, to literally and figuratively. Abandoned, Bella can not find meaning in his life. But he remains a friend, Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). Over time, their friendship becomes very ambiguous until Edward comes back, obviously, and that Jacob turns out to be ... a werewolf. Grrrrr.
Twilight vampire babies
Where Chapter 3, "Eclipse" Bella where the heart of the elegant balance between blood-sucking vampire and his faithful werewolf inflated with testosterone. Finally, after two hours of delay, lo and behold, she chooses Edward. Phew.

Chapter 4 is the height of their love story: Bella and Edward get married. They spend their wedding night on a deserted island. They make love, not that he does bite. But it is very hard. Then he breaks the whole room and after he no longer wants. Two weeks later she was pregnant with a vampire baby moving already ...
Twilight vampire babies
At this stage, 45 minutes have passed and the following will be the chronicle of a double agony: to Bella, destroyed from within by his child supernatural, and the viewer's face scenes as laughable as painful.

Finally, the adult audience speechless end face of so many inanities, not to mention highly questionable moral messages for the target of the film, teenage girls from 8 to 14 years: Bella gets married at 18. Message: no sex outside marriage. She is terrified by the act of love. Message: sex is dangerous. She had sex without protection. Message: have sex without a condom. She fell pregnant immediately. Message: If you make love, you have a baby. The men tell her to abort, the women tell him otherwise. Message: men prefer abortion. It n'avorte not and dies in childbirth. Message: sex dead baby. Great.

Conformist cliché, creepy and bloody, "Revelation" in breach of its obligations vis-à-vis its young audience, while disappointing the other potential viewers. Filmmaker Bill Condon may well have been Oscar winning there is more than a decade, his staging does nothing worst, it borders on ridiculous.

As for Kirsten Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, unlike the hero of the Harry Potter that are soft with age, the trio of "Twilight" seems totally impervious to the subtleties of acting.

Robert Pattinson, himself, may escape his fate by David Cronenberg, who has turned in his next film, "Cosmopolis" ... For the rest, yet another part of the saga is scheduled for November 2012: "Twilight - Chapter 4: Revelation - Part 2".