The cookies are baked to Facebook tracking

The elected European PS Françoise Castex is back on the case of spy cookies, and asks the Commission to rule on the conformity of Facebook vis-à-vis the laws governing the protection of privacy.

Following the case of spyware cookies that have used Facebook to track its members according to their web browsing.
Facebook tracking

facebook tracking

Facebook tracking

Facebook tracking

Facebook tracking

A Socialist MEP Francoise Castex, set fire to the powder and asks the Commission to endorse or, failing that, set aside the compliance of the principles of social network with European law.

Initially given up for dead, then reincarnated at the expense of 800 million registered in the service, cookies are all the languages.

The first to be held at the end of the keyboard was a specialist Australian security. The person was able to determine their role in these transactions tracked Facebook initiative against its members, until they are disconnected.

Occurred in the first line, the court of Hamburg (Germany) was brought to reason the teams of Mark Zuckerberg, who had shown complacent with the idea to remedy the inconvenience.

There have nevertheless been a matter of days before the appearance of relief is not challenged by surprising discoveries resulting from a series of investigations by the local CNIL.

The conclusion is clear: Facebook has more than one trick up his sleeve.

The last would be to implement, the machine of any user who performs the deregistration, a cookie active for two years for spying in any discretion the peregrinations of his victim on the Web.

Enough to let the specter of a paranoid vision and awaken the wrath of the authorities there.

To which the accused replied unequivocally: "[...] we use cookies to customize the content, to help maintain and improve what we do [...] or for security reasons".

"With respect to cookies disconnection, we delete all cookies specific to an account when a user logs out," he added.

Rapporteur for the Committee on Legal Affairs European Parliament Françoise Castex summarizes these questions and address, dated November 10, a request to the legislature.

She calls for accounts and notes that "Facebook remains on the long-term data from its users without the latter can not give their explicit consent".

And this is where the rub ...