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What one question would former prosecutor Jeff Ashton most like to ask Casey Anthony?
Bella Vita casey anthony tattoo
Matt Lauer posed the question this morning on NBC’s “Today. “What does Bella Vita mean to you?” Ashton replied. “One of the great issues that was never explained and, to me, was the clearest expression of the reason for this murder was the tattoo. Your daughter is missing or dead for three weeks, and you get a tattoo that says Bella Vita. I would love to hear the explanation of that.”
Bella Vita casey anthony tattoo
Anthony was acquitted in July of murder in the 2008 death of her daughter, Caylee. She is in hiding.

“I would hope that people leave Casey Anthony alone,” Ashton told “Today,” repeating a message he has sent before. “I don’t want anyone to do anything to Casey or have anything to do with her. My advice to people who are angry about this is to ignore Casey.”
Casey Anthony’s Tattoo bella-vita
Ashton is out promoting his book, “Imperfect Justice.” ”Today” was the first stop. Ashton will be on “Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell” and “The Joy Behar Show” on HLN later today. He stops by “Fox & Friends” and “Dr. Phil” on Wednesday.
Casey Anthony Bella Vita
Ashton also said there were two aspects to a possible plea deal that he reveals in the book: Anthony could plead to second-degree murder and receive 30 years in prison. The other offer was she could plead to aggravated manslaughter “if the truth about how Caylee died justified that offense,” he said. But Anthony wouldn’t consider a plea, Ashton writes.

After hearing jurors’ interviews, Ashton said he doesn’t think there’s anything the prosecution could have done differently to win a conviction. “It seems like to them it was simply the evidence that we had,” Ashton said.

Ashton said the judge’s instructions gave the jury a lot of latitude to reach a verdict. “This jury decided there were reasonable doubts. Obviously, I don’t agree,” Ashton said. “We couldn’t provide clear evidence on a silver platter of exactly how Caylee died. What we felt had done was to have excluded everything but homicide.”

NBC’s Kerry Sanders said no jurors were commenting on Ashton’s statements.

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