UFC on Fox first fight on Saturday night!

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has some trouble for a while. Although the sport has spent the last 18 years to refine its rules and create better mixed martial arts fighting, sales of Pay-Per-View will always downhill.
UFC on Fox
This led to the UFC want to go in a different direction. Recently, Fox has signed a $ 100 million a year with the UFC to broadcast fights over the next seven years. It's a good deal for both sides ... if there is enough interest, this will allow the UFC to take the next step to become a traditional sport.
UFC on Fox
Saturday, the UFC and Fox will present their first fight. According to United States Today, although the overall agreement between the UFC and Fox will not take effect until 2012, Fox was ready to give American fans a taste of what awaits them. Saturday, Fox will broadcast a fight featuring Cain Velasquez against Junior Dos Santos. According to Paul Paul, director of the University of Oregon Sports Marketing Center, the UFC has a loyal following and it is time to branch out with a large network like FOX:
UFC on Fox
"The next phase is a wider distribution of their products with the FOX network to help them. ... So it's an important time to see how far the sport can become public. "

With all these mixed wrestling, boxing and martial arts battles inherent in the UFC, Mr. anybody can be difficult to really understand what is happening and what are the rules of the sport. This seems to be the major problem that the UFC and Fox could face with the public. Perhaps with the Fox paid for the promotion, there will be some room in the budget for the UFC to have good commentators, allowing new viewers to really understand what is happening in the arena. Between Moreover, it might help novices to know what Randy Couture did before the film The Expendables.

Fox Sports Special: Fox is UFC: Heavyweight Championship Fight Live Saturday night November 12 to 21 hours.