Katie Holmes is ready to resume her role in Dawson

Tom Cruise's wife longs for her role as Joey Potter on TV.

Actress Katie Holmes still has nostalgia for six years during which she played the character Joey Potter in the teen series "Dawson's Creek" (1998-2003). Proof: Tuesday invited on the set of "Good Morning America" ​​on ABC, the wife of Tom Cruise told again that this role would be "awesome". "I had so much fun playing in the series. I loved everyone. I keep deep memories, it was a super good team. "

But here, the other cast members do not share his enthusiasm. Michelle Williams, singer Jen Lindley, recently told his lived experience have pain on the set of the series. It is now the darling of Hollywood and soon become the actress Marilyn Monroe on the big screen.

As for Joshua Jackson, Pacey Witter who played, asked several times, he never expressed the wish to return to the path of Capeside. It is also one of the main roles in the sci-fi series "Fringe" (TF1/Fox).

Finally, James Van Der Beek himself, who played Dawson Leery, has always explained that resume this role was not a good idea. "It was a final season in which our characters had five more years. I think today the people have become too media so we can make something new, "he confided to OK Magazine a year ago. It will soon be showing a new sitcom called "Apartment 23" aired on ABC in 2012.

"Dawson", aired on the WB (now CW today) and TF1 in France, one of the cult series from the late 90s. She told the story of Dawson, an adolescent passion for film and his gang of friends in the small town of Capeside.

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