Real Steel - Criticism

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Hugh Jackman is a former boxer who, without the near future, that is no longer betting on robots fighting in the great national sport championship bunch of bolts. It is rude, pretentious, thinks only of her little person while his ex-wife died, he was responsible for temporary custody of his son he never cared. Together they will discover and our man will change dramatically at all. It is beautiful? It's cutesy? Well yes.
Hugh Jackman
Do you remember the Over the Top with Sylvester Stallone? Well Real Steel is identical screenplay speaking. Replace robots with the power struggle and you have the same thing: a father balèze a child smart, very wicked of the wicked, a truck as a means of transport ...
Hugh Jackman Real Steel
This is a classic amazing is stamped Walt Disney and it shows a lot. Still, a point of view "cutesy" is effective. A very pretty scene (the only) towards the end of the film shows a slow-motion boxing Hugh Jackman under the astonished eyes of his son. So we whining: shame, so it's cliché. Or really, because we are weak.
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Still, the 2:07 movie are feeling well and that is the beginning of a long unbearable. Not to mention the role of Evangeline Lilly who is absolutely worthless if it is wrong to suggest a love affair told the hero. There is still robots to sticks, powerful, well made, violent (of course, bolts not gore) and takes his foot, but he remains all around the marshmallow just slow down the narrative. Slightly less good feelings, a little more realism and Real Steel would have been a marvel. There, as long as we exceeded our 14 years, still pretty bored for an hour and a half. Shame!