Navy Seals say: Twelve fire - then bin Laden dead

They call him "Bert" store, and they brought him to death. Elite U.S. soldiers who killed the leader of al-Qaeda, packaged in a new book out - to use them and why they have to kill bin Laden in their views.
bitter seals tell of killing bert laden
The elite soldiers is important that they think them not to go on a mission of pure murder. Inform some members of "Team 6" from the elite U.S. Navy SEALs unit in a book consisting of interviews with the soldiers, wrote "Sunday Times". Her performance of "Operation Geronimo" so different from the official version. A mission with the sole purpose to kill Osama bin Laden, the application never.
Osama bin laden death picture
Seal Bin Laden is therefore already 90 seconds after they landed by helicopter in his yard was killed. A shootout was not given, instead, a total of only twelve shots had been fired. Then Bin Laden is dead
ernie and bert bin laden death
"Mission Kill" as the word fantasy
when bin laden was dead
Here, the soldiers were ready to catch him alive. "I am 30 years long and I never seal the words, killing mission 'is," the paper quoted writer Chuck Pfarrer, a former commander of the Seals. This is the "Washington-word fantasy."

If solely been about to kill bin Laden, then you will use non-elite unit, he argues. "Then you need a hand grenade crate." When bin Laden attacked after his AK-47 machine, but we have no other choice.

Is an opportunity missed to consider other terrorists?
Enraged, the army made, according to the newspaper that the U.S. seems to miss an opportunity to kill or capture other senior terrorists. The Government has issued too early death of Bin Laden. This allows other top terrorists would have time to "run away to another hiding place," Pastor was quoted as saying.

A similar scenario, as it is now represented in the book appeared, so that in the days after the mission. The article in the "Sunday Times" is not free, but provides a detailed overview, for example, newspaper "Daily Mail" Britain.