Kate Middleton finally pregnant?

Kate Middleton is pregnant according to the analysis of gourmets for whom a peanut is better than a pregnancy test.
Kate Middleton pregnant
We will have all heard about the health of Kate Middleton and his ability or not to give an heir to the crown of England.
Kate Middleton pregnant
Too thin, the victim of a miscarriage and even sterile, Kate Middleton had all the labels.

But the gossips could soon be silent because it could be that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant.

If currently no round belly only emerges under the robes of the best dressed women of England, the speculation is rife because of an attitude has had the bride.
Kate Middleton pregnant
Wednesday, November 2, a visit to Denmark to support Unicef, Kate Middleton refused to eat a candy bar containing peanut butter which was served in a box bearing the image of the NGO.

Kate Middleton does not like peanut butter?

Worse, while denying the dish, Kate Middleton has launched a look that spoke volumes to Prince William, between hesitation and "you know I can not eat peanuts".

If this refusal, certainly not very polite during an official visit, marked, because in England it is customary to advise pregnant women not to eat peanuts and derivatives to limit the risk of allergy in the fetus.

And here is how, because of a simple dietary restriction, while the kingdom is in turmoil.

So far, no one knows if the princess is waiting for a future king or a future queen, but the idea that a baby is on its way delighted the fans of the royal couple.