The Chevrolet Volt more economical than a Toyota Prius?

For travel between 24 and 112 km, the user cost of the Chevrolet Volt is lower than the Toyota Prius battery. Before, it's the same and after is the Japanese took the lead.
Chevrolet Volt
After the time estimates, the first tests of the Chevrolet Volt can learn more about the actual consumption of the hybrid extension of autonomy. We had estimated 7 litres/100 km when the engine is started to serve a generator so the batteries do not fall flat. Yesterday, the day the team evoked exactly the same figure, theoretically superior to what can offer a Toyota Prius.
Chevrolet Volt 2012
In the U.S., the Pikes Research Institute has in turn compared with the Volt rechargeable Prius (Prius PHEV or Plug-in). And concluded that up to a distance of 70 miles (112 kilometers), the first was cheaper to use than the second, thanks to its average battery life of 56 km in electric mode. Then, the Prius gets over his hybrid using less than gasoline generator needed for the Volt. For this calculation, a liter of gas was estimated at 93 cents (68 cents) per kWh and electricity at 11 cents (8 cents). After 70 miles, the driver will be "spent" about 4.5 dollars (3.3 euros).
Chevrolet Volt electric car
Interestingly, due to the electric range of the Prius battery estimated at 20 km, the user cost of the latter and the Volt is identical up to 15 miles (24 km). Then, the Volt is so far above the 112 km barrier.