Sex scandal in the U.S. presidential: A woman testifies

Implicated in the press, Herman Cain, a candidate for the Republican nomination for president in the United States, denies sexually harassed two women in the 1990s when he was at the head of the business association of U.S. restaurants.
Sharon Bialek accused by Herman Cain
She's called Sharon Bialek, she is the mother of a 13 years-old child and is the first to speak out openly against Herman Cain. So far, the only black candidate in the Republican nomination for U.S. President has created a surprise by taking the polls in a nomination contest hotly contested within his party, but he also saw at least three women bring serious charges against him for inappropriate behavior. If Sharon Bialek could bring to his campaign a blow from which it would be difficult to recover. For the platinum blonde who looks like a Republican from Chicago, did not hesitate to make his case public speaking at a press conference. Herman Cain forcing to announce a cons-attack, which should also be done by means of a press conference, while ensuring that he did not stop his campaign.
Sharon Bialek crowded by Reporters about Herman Cain sexual harassment
To reporters, Sharon Bialek told Herman Cain have known in 1997 when the convention of the National Restaurant Association, which Cain was then the president. She accused him of trying to obtain sexual favors at a meeting in July of that year in Washington, when she contacted him to help him find work. She added that she was speaking for "all women are sexually harassed."
Herman Cain accussed woman, Sharon Bialek interviewed
"You want a job, right?"
Sharon Bialek and Herman Cain teleconferencing
During his press conference, it has provided terribly precise details, saying that Cain had "slipped his hand under her skirt to achieve gender" as they were alone in a car after having dinner together. "He also took the lead for the closer to his crotch," she said, telling him to stop asking, "what he did." "Herman Cain said, you want a job, right?", Also told his accuser.

A spokesman for the businessman immediately responded by declaring that "all allegations of harassment against Mr. Cain are completely false." "Herman Cain has never harassed anyone. The Americans will not let these false attacks fortunately not eclipse the (...) clear vision of Herman Cain in foreign policy and his plans for energy independence," wrote JD Gordon, Friends Herman Cain, in a statement issued by email.

But the accusations of harassment against Herman Cain are beginning to affect his popularity among Republicans. According to the Ipsos-barometer Reuters published this weekend, he lost nine points from the previous week, falling to 57% approval rating. John Huntsman, one of his rivals in the race for the Republican nomination, called Sunday for more detailed information on the charges of which he is subject.